Hey there, fellow New Mexicologists!

Welcome to New Mexicology [the study of New Mexico], a blog dedicated to exploring the state’s high, dry, vibrant, prickly, quick-footed, stellar science. 

Hiking (Karie Luidens)

Your blogger extraordinaire? Karie Luidens, a writer whose interests are as far-ranging as the high desert’s horizons.

I’ve reported for newspapers, edited scholarly publications, reviewed books, and even drafted my own novel. But although I’ve always had an amateur’s passion for science, this is the first project to direct my writerly attentions to it.

In the fall of 2015 I moved from Seattle to Albuquerque for a fresh start and found myself face-to-face with a slew of extremes. Low to high, wet to dry, gray skies to blazing sunlight—so much to discover! Starting this blog gave me an excuse to dive into all that newness with a reporter’s eye and a writer’s pen in hand. 

I hope New Mexicology is as fun for you to read as it was for me to research. Happy explorations! 

New Mexico Map

A couple quick facts to get you started...

  • At 121,589 square miles, New Mexico is the 5th largest state by area
  • ...but it ranks 36th by population with just over 2,085,500 people
  • ...which makes it 45th by density at 17.2 people per square mile!